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This network has by far had the biggest impact on the gambling market as back in 1994 they launched the world’s first online casino which pioneered the industry that we all love so much.

Based out on the Isle of Man the Microgaming network are the world’s number one online game software developers with over 750 games created by their team. This has led to them winning multiple awards over the years that they’ve been active with the most recent being ‘Digital Product of the year’ at the 2014 Global gaming awards.

The company motto is that of change which helps drive them to produce new and better games as they have one eye constantly on the future of gaming as they try to create the latest online casino titles.


The Microgaming platform allows players to enjoy their products in multiple ways. Currently there are 225 games, 75 downloadable and 65 browser based games on this network that you can play on a variety of platforms the most important of which is of course mobiles.

You can access their games from a range of mobile devices from iPhones, Androids and even Windows Phones to get your gaming fix. Most tablet devices from these providers will also support Microgaming games.


One of the best features about this network is the sheer quantity of games you can play, as we covered above there’s roughly 750 of them and they come in a variety of different genres from bingo games to slots and classic casino titles.

Each of the games on this network are of a high quality and cover new, high definition titles that cover anything from Movies, TV shows, Science Fiction and other various genres. This is all possible through the use of their patented Viper Flash software which provides a state-of-the-art game experience to their brands and their players.

But it’s not just games because they also give their clients the best in online technology so their operators can protect their players as well as use special tools to configure accounts to change deposit limits, card limits, bonus eligibility and even lock accounts on request.

With so many fantastic features just waiting for you to take advantage of you would have to be mad to not try out any site that uses software provided by Microgaming because they always guarantee the very best in online gaming.